November 1, 2021

By APRIL WILSONAssociated Press – FEBRUARY 19, 2020 (AP) When the Bible says God created the world in six days, it’s not hard to understand why it says, “the earth was without form and void.”

But a new book shows that the Bible is also clear about the nature of the cosmos and its origins, the Bible being the first of its kind.

The new book, “The Great Flood of Genesis,” by Noah Shaviv, is a new work from a Jewish scholar and critic of the church, who believes the church’s claim that it is the word of God is being challenged by modern science.

Shavives’ new book is the first major new work of his, a major work of scholarship on Genesis.

“There are two main things in Genesis,” Shaviva said in an interview, “there’s the Genesis story, and there’s the account of the Flood that occurred at the time of Noah’s day.”

The book will be available at several colleges and libraries and is available in Hebrew and English.

The book is based on the works of biblical scholar and former theologian Shmuel Rabinowitch, who has written extensively on Genesis and its story.

“The Flood of Genes is a very complex story, which is the story of a very complicated world,” Shmiel said.

“I am convinced that in many ways the Genesis account is not a complete story.”

The flood was not an event of biblical proportions, but the biblical account of its origins is the way the world has been structured for a long time, he said.

For example, in the Book of Job, God tells Job, “God created the earth with its forms and dimensions, so that man may live.”

But the book says God was not really created in that way, but that he created a man who was “made in his own image” and who has “a soul.”

“It’s the way that God is depicted in the Bible,” Shmoel said.

Shmiod believes that the way in which the Bible describes God and the world is similar to the way it depicts the universe in general.

The way that people think about God, the way they understand the world, and the way their religion tells them about God are very similar, he added.

Shmoels books have been a hit at religious schools in the U.S., but he is not convinced that the church is making the right arguments for its beliefs.

“I think they are being pushed by the same people who are pushing the idea that God created this universe, that we live on this planet, and we are connected to this earth,” he said, “which is not the case.

The universe is a natural place.”

For example in the New Testament, the apostle Paul tells his readers, “When you hear the word that I speak, believe that I am God, and you will know the truth.”

In his new book Shmulov argues that the biblical accounts of the creation and the Flood do not fit with the scientific evidence of the universe.

“They are not compatible with the facts,” he explained.

“The biblical account doesn’t tell the story we find in the geological record.

The biblical account says God creates the universe, but it doesn’t say that God creates man, and neither does the biblical creation account tell us how the universe came to be.”

Shmuel Shmov is an Israeli-born Jew and scholar of biblical studies at Hebrew University.

He was born in Israel to Jewish parents.

Shluchom Shavig, who teaches the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, says that he has been fascinated by the biblical origins of the Bible for years.

Shshaviv says he has studied ancient Israelite history for more than a decade.

“We know the Hebrew Bible is a unique document,” he told The Associated Press.

“We know what happened in the world when it was created.

We know what the people did.

We have all these stories that we want to know.”

Shaviv’s book is called “Genesis: A New Perspective” and is being released in Hebrew this month.

Shmuels book is titled “The Genesis: An Introduction to the Bible.”

It’s being published by the Jewish Institute of Biblical Studies, the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and the Jewish World Schools in the Los Angeles area.

The book argues that Genesis was written by an author who was not a human being.

It is the author of a book, Shmud, who wrote Genesis, Shmuuls book says.

The biblical accounts don’t fit with modern science, Shmunz says.

The flood was a natural event, it happened at the same time that humans and other animals began to live together, Shshmuels research shows.

Shmunas work is focused on the ancient creation account and its evolution from Adam to Noah.

“If you look at the Genesis accounts and you look around the earth, you will find that all the ancient world

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