June 17, 2021

The Bible has a lot of things to say about life, but one of the things it doesn’t really say is what you should do with it.

This is why we’re always talking about Christian Dabbrowski.

That’s what people are talking about.

It’s something that we’ve been talking about a lot recently.

So when you start reading the Bible, there are a lot more things in the bible that you’re not supposed to do.

It doesn’t say you should have sex with your brother or wife.

There are a whole bunch of things that you shouldn’t do, so that’s the reason that people keep talking about him.

But he’s not in the book.

So, you know, what’s the deal with him?

Because that’s what makes him so popular in the world.

I’ve been in a lot, like, Christian revival churches where they say, ‘Oh, Christian Dabba-ski is the answer.’

And that’s fine, I’ve got a problem with that.

I don’t like to hear it.

You know, I think it’s not Christian.

It might be Christian if you have a lot to say, but you know what?

You’re a Christian, you don’t have to have a solution for the world, you have to find the solution for yourself.

He’s not the answer.

So he’s like the ultimate, no-answer answer.

What I want to know is, why did he come to the rescue of the poor?

Why did he say, oh, I’m not the guy who gets up in the middle of the night, and runs to the bank and gives them money?

Why didn’t he say to people, ‘You know, this is what’s really important here.’

Because, look, what the hell, there’s so much more to life than what you say to somebody.

So that’s why I love his book.

I think he’s such an inspirational figure.

I’m glad he’s out there.

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