July 16, 2021

On Sunday, it was christy marshall who was the subject of an extensive Twitter spat over a porn movie she has appeared in.

The Oscar winner, who starred in HBO’s ‘True Detective’, was called a “slut” and “murderer” on Twitter after the actress, who is also married to actor Christopher Lambert, retweeted a clip of her in a porn scene in a movie.

Gwendolyne Clarkson tweeted: “Who are the most sexually active celebrities of today?

The women you can’t stop seeing in porn!”

Clarkson’s tweet was followed by tweets from her followers, including one from a woman who said: “Are you a woman or are you a slut?”

Christy Clarkson’s Twitter feud with ‘True’ star Christian Willis over porn clipShe also retweeted the clip of Christian Willis, who plays a detective on HBO’s “True Detective”, saying: “Christy, how about a porn montage?”

He then followed it with another tweet: “It’s about time someone else told the truth about who is actually in porn movies.

He’s a slut.”

Christy replied: “I am a slut and a murderer.

He is not.”

She then responded to another follower, saying: “@christyclarkson I don’t want to see any porn movies but I’m tired of seeing your face all over the internet.

Do you really want to know who is in porn?”

The feud quickly escalated and soon Clarkson’s followers were sharing videos of Christian and their wives in the film.

“Who is this woman?

Does she even have tits?

Are her boobs a thing?

Why are you not telling me?” one woman said.

Another woman tweeted: “@carlissamir @christychristie I can’t believe this is what she looks like.”

Another Twitter user said: “@chrislambert I just want to say: “A man has the right to make a sex tape.

Why do you care about that?””

Another tweeter responded: “@gwendsamall I want to be a bit more sensitive to this woman, I just hope she gets some sort of treatment.”

The actress, married to Chris Lambert, said she was unaware of the controversy and that she was simply being honest.

“It was just my personal opinion of who I am, I don

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