August 6, 2021

When it comes to Christian crosses, the Catholic Church is not alone in the fight against them.

The question is: When is it OK to wear them?

This week marks the 100th anniversary of a Catholic law that banned the crucifix in the first place.

Catholic Church apologists have long argued that the crucifix should not be worn on a day of devotion, but in a ceremony.

The Catholic Church has maintained that the law was intended to prohibit the crucifix from being displayed on a Sunday, but its effect is more widely felt during the week, during Lent, when the Church usually holds its mass and celebrations.

But a new survey from The Atlantic reveals that many Catholics do not support wearing crucifixes during the day on Sundays.

In fact, the vast majority of Catholic women who responded to the poll say they do not want to wear crucifixes at all on the days of Lent and Easter.

That’s in sharp contrast to the numbers from Protestants, who generally think that the cross should be worn for Mass on the first Sunday of Lent.

In fact, a majority of Catholics (62%) also said that they would not want the crucifix to be worn in church on any day of the week on which it was not already a custom.

The same poll found that only 22% of Catholics would want the cross to be displayed at least once a week.

The poll also found that almost half of Catholics said they would be okay with wearing the cross on their wedding day.

Nearly half (47%) said they were OK with it on their first anniversary, and only 16% said they thought the cross was a religious symbol.

That’s in stark contrast to Protestants who are overwhelmingly opposed to wearing the crucifix on their weddings.

Only 23% of Protestants said they’d be okay to wear the cross at their weddings, and another 21% said that it was a symbol of evil.

The poll also showed that the vast bulk of Catholics do support wearing the crosses during Lent.

In other words, Catholics are generally comfortable with wearing crosses during their Lenten Lenten festivals.

But it’s not just the religious aspects of the crucifix that have drawn opposition from many Catholic women.

Many Protestants also worry that wearing the Cross at mass will upset people who are sick and elderly, especially when those same people will be congregating in churches.

In a statement issued after the survey was conducted, the American Baptist Convention said that the Cross is “a Christian symbol, a symbol which many believe to be a symbol for evil, death, and the Devil.”

In addition, Catholics have pointed out that wearing crosses at church on a given day is not the same as wearing them during the mass itself.

In addition to the religious aspect, many Catholics are concerned that wearing crucifix crosses in church will lead to a conflict with the Church’s teaching on abortion and the sanctity of human life.

In a recent blog post, the National Catholic Reporter argued that Catholics have a right to wear crosses on their own day of worship, but that “a person cannot be compelled to go to church on that day.”

The Catholic Church’s position is that the “symbol” of the cross is not a religious one and that a person cannot choose to wear it on the same day of mass as a “symbolic” one.

The National Catholic Register, a publication of the Catholic Bishops Conference, also argues that the crosses are “not religious,” and that it is “not appropriate” to wear a crucifix on a church altar as part of an “active participation” in the mass.

The survey, which was conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute, also found a large number of Catholics who think the crucifix is a symbol in opposition to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

About two-thirds of Catholics surveyed agreed that a crucifix is “sympathetic” to evil.

And while nearly three-quarters (72%) of Catholics agreed that the iconography of the Cross can be used as a symbol, just 19% agreed that it should be.

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