September 27, 2021

by Christian radio stations like Christian Music and Christian Broadcasting Network have been accused of using the term “Christian,” even though they have nothing to do with Christianity. 

When Christian Music began using the name Christian Broadcasting in February 2014, it said it was “reaffirming and amplifying the voice of Christian music and lifestyle.” 

In January 2015, it started using Christian Broadcasting as a title for its programming, and later changed the title to “Christian Radio.” 

The station has been accused by other Christian stations of using terms such as “Christian family,” “family radio,” “the gospel of the Christian family,” and “the Christian family.” 

Christian Broadcasting Network, which has been around since 2004, also uses the name. 

The accusation came after the Christian Broadcasting network’s executive producer, Mark Schramm, posted a YouTube video on March 14 titled “The Christian Broadcasting name is a word used by many Christian stations to cover their programming.” 

“Some stations, like Christian Radio, have used the Christian name for years without any issue, but now they are being criticized for doing so,” Schramms said in the video.

“We want to assure everyone that our Christian Broadcasting is a label for the Christian community and for Christian music, and that we are not in any way affiliated with any Christian denomination or denomination-like ministry.” 

On Tuesday, Christian Broadcasting’s executive director, Bob Stokes, told the Los Angeles Times that Christian Broadcasting has used the word Christian since its inception, but that the network has not “intentionally” changed its name to reflect a more inclusive definition. 

“Our goal is to be known for what we do, and we are always trying to do that, and the name ‘Christian Broadcasting’ was always a part of our DNA,” Stokes said. 

Christian Music, which was founded in 2013, is owned by David and Michelle Knight. 

In 2015, Christian Music was named the “best Christian music station” by NPR, and in February 2016, it was named one of the top 100 radio stations in the country by The Christian Post. 

 Schramm told the Times that the company was not making any money from its Christian Broadcasting venture, but was hoping to raise money through a “big-ticket” advertising campaign in 2016 and 2017. 

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