August 23, 2021

Posted September 12, 2018 06:17:15 The next Supreme Justice to take the seat of Justice Anthony Kennedy may not be a conservative.

A few of the candidates vying to fill the seat are more liberal than some have previously indicated.

The full list of contenders is listed below, but here are a few who you should know.

Brett Kavanaugh: Kavanaugh is currently one of the most prominent Republicans to enter the race.

He’s known for his strong support for reproductive rights and is known for being a moderate in his views.

Ben Carson: A former neurosurgeon, Carson was a leading contender for the GOP nomination before he dropped out.

He currently serves as Trump’s chief strategist and is considered one of his strongest allies in the Senate.

Ted Cruz: Cruz has been the leader of the Republican Party for the last decade, having served as the party’s presidential nominee in 2016 and as a member of the Senate in 2010.

He has been a vocal critic of Trump and is the most conservative member of Trump’s cabinet.

Rand Paul: Paul has been one of Trump, Trump’s closest allies in Congress.

The Kentucky senator has also served as a vocal supporter of reproductive rights, but he has said he would not serve as the first justice in the Supreme Court.

John McCain: McCain is a former POW who served as an American flag carrier during the Vietnam War.

McCain is considered a conservative who is often criticized for being too cautious on foreign policy and has criticized Trump for the administration’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement.

Chris Christie: Christie was one of President Donald Trump’s most vocal critics during his first months in office.

Christie was the top Republican critic of the president during the 2016 presidential campaign.

He is considered an outspoken critic of President Trump’s foreign policy, especially the Iran nuclear deal, which Trump signed.

Jeff Sessions: Sessions is a member to the House of Representatives, where he serves on the Judiciary Committee.

He was nominated to be the attorney general of the United States by President Trump.

He also served on the United Nations Security Council and served as chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Lindsey Graham: Graham has been among Trump’s main supporters during the presidential campaign, and he was the primary sponsor of the legislation that made it easier for the president to fire federal employees who violate their oaths of office.

Graham has said that he would vote to convict Trump of obstruction of justice if elected.

Mike Lee: Lee is one of three Republican senators to have been in the top 10 most powerful offices in the country.

He holds a position of power on the House Intelligence Committee.

Lee has been critical of Trump on several occasions, including when he criticized the president’s travel ban and his executive order on immigration.

Jeb Bush: Bush has been an ardent supporter of the Supreme Judge who Trump nominated for the seat in 2016.

Bush has said in the past that he thinks the seat should be filled with someone who has a conservative record, but in the latest interview, Bush said that there is no “right or wrong” on who should be appointed to the Supreme Judicial Court.

Bush also said that the position should be “properly elected.”

Hillary Clinton: Clinton was the first female president of the U.S., having been the first woman president.

She has been very critical of the President’s handling of the Iran Nuclear Deal, and she has criticized the administration for its decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.

Alaska Gov.

Bill Walker: Walker was one the Republicans who ran for president in 2016, but failed to make it past the second ballot.

He became the governor of Alaska in 2019 after losing his bid to become governor.

Walker served as President George W. Bush’s secretary of state, and his nomination as a U.N. Security Council member was one that many Democrats and liberals were critical of.

Catherine Rampell: Rampell is the current director of the Office of Government Ethics and was the former U.K. Ambassador to the U, according to her bio.

She previously served as chief of staff for U.M.

N Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

Rampell has said she will vote for Trump over Clinton in the 2020 election.

Bernie Sanders: Sanders was an early supporter of Trump during the campaign.

The Vermont senator is known as a progressive in many ways.

He believes in economic justice and has said his campaign is about economic populism.

Jim DeMint: DeMINT is the president of Heritage Action, which is one the most influential right-wing groups in the Republican party.

DeMINTS recent statements are widely considered to be a major factor in his defeat in the 2016 Republican presidential primary.

DeMoint said he is disappointed that Trump has been able to ignore his supporters, but said that Trump should be able to take a lesson from history and not use a

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