September 19, 2021

Watch the latest WWE Diva Wife: “I’d love to have a daughter.”

That was the message from her husband, Christian Cueva, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“I know that there are people that will say, ‘Well, it’s a lot of money,'” Cueva told the publication.

“But, like I said, it doesn’t change the fact that it is a lot that people are going to have to sacrifice for.”

“It’s a very complicated business,” Cueva continued.

“There are a lot more sacrifices involved in this than we’ve ever had before.

And it’s very challenging.

I don’t think anyone wants to see it end.”

Cueva’s comments came just days after her ex-husband, former WWE superstar Christian Cuevas, posted a scathing Instagram post alleging he had been sexually harassed by his wife’s former manager, Gloria Streit.

Cueva has also been a vocal critic of the WWE over the years, calling it a “cult.”

Cuevas has since been in rehab for alcohol abuse.

In a Facebook post posted earlier this month, Cuevas explained that he is working with a therapist to address his alcohol abuse, saying he was “disgusted” by Streit’s comments about him.

“I’m not ashamed to admit that I was hurt by these comments made by my former manager,” Cuevas wrote.

“She is not the person that I want to be as a husband and a father.

I have struggled with substance abuse for many years and am no longer taking drugs, alcohol or alcohol abuse as an option.

I am taking steps to change.

I hope that my story can inspire others to find the courage to seek help for themselves and their loved ones, as well as their friends and families.”

The WWE released a statement on Cuevas’ Instagram post in which it acknowledged the “pain and anguish” caused by Streis comments, but added that they did not wish to see Cuevas “leave this company.”

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