October 21, 2021

There’s something oddly liberating about watching a movie in New Jersey.

The New York City borough of Queens has its own version of the Big Apple, but it’s far from being a sleepy enclave.

You’ll be lucky to find a movie theater that isn’t crowded.

For that matter, you’ll likely find yourself missing a movie if you’re not a New Yorker.

The city is home to so many great movies that it’s hard to get away from them.

Here are five things to do in New England that you’ll want to get in the habit of seeing.


The Big Apple (New York City) There’s not much to say about the Big City, except that it is full of great movies.

New York’s theater industry is so thriving that it can’t be beat.

In the past two years, the city has had five consecutive years of record-setting box office.

There are plenty of great films in New Yorkers theaters, but there are some great movies in other parts of the country too.

This year, the Big State has a chance to take a major step forward with The Big Picture.

The film is a collaboration between Academy Award-winning director David Fincher and acclaimed indie filmmaker Ben Affleck.

It tells the story of two lovers (Tom Hanks and Natalie Portman) who decide to start dating in the New York of the future.

You won’t find any romantic entanglements, but the movie is full with plenty of funny moments and heartwarming moments.

The first weekend of the film opened in just over 1,200 theaters nationwide, and has been playing in theaters since the end of December.


Boston (Massachusetts) It’s no secret that Massachusetts is a major hub for filmgoing.

But if you want to see some great films, Boston is your best bet.

Boston is home the epicenter of the world of filmmaking, and the city’s theater scene is second to none.

There’s plenty of amazing movies to be found in the city, but Boston’s theater scenes can be a little crowded.

Here’s a tip: When you’re in the area, be sure to go to a theater that is a little more than 50% full.

If you can find a theater where the room is half-full, you can get a ticket for the entire movie.


Seattle (Washington) Seattle is a big city with a diverse and wonderful movie scene.

But you’ll probably need a bit of a break from the crowds to get to the films.

The region is home of two great theaters: the historic Bellevue Film House and the new Paramount Cinema.

The former was converted to the movie theater industry in the late 1960s and has become one of the most beloved film venues in the country.

The newer, more modern Paramount Cinema, which opened in 2016, offers a more intimate experience that is also filled with great movies from top-notch directors.

The new film, Stranger Things, was a big hit with audiences, and it’s been playing at the theater in the past few weeks.


Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) The Northeast’s most famous movie scene isn’t your typical movie theater, though.

Philadelphia is home for a variety of events that cater to the citys film lovers.

If the weather’s not too bad, you might be able to get a sneak peek at The Great Gatsby, which was released last year.

If it’s a little chilly, try the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, which is currently playing in a Philadelphia theater.


Boston, MA (Mass.)

The Northeast has been a home to some great cinema scenes for years, but this year has been particularly good for movies.

The movies have been playing outside and inside of theaters, which means that the city is the perfect place to catch a movie.

New Boston is the city with the most theaters per capita.

It’s easy to find great movies and enjoy them in any of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Check out the best places to watch in Boston here.

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