May 27, 2021

By Sarah EmslieChristy Moore, the actress who portrays the manipulative and charismatic Christy Moore on Netflix’s cult drama Orange Is the New Black, has come under fire from her fans after describing her life as a psychopath in a recent interview with The Guardian.

Moore has been on a crusade against her abusive former boyfriend and her former employer, HBO.

Moore’s character, Piper Chapman, is one of the show’s main antagonists.

Chapman has been in abusive relationships with her family, her former employers and her husband.

Moore has repeatedly accused Chapman of being a “whore” and a “cuckold” for taking advantage of her by cheating on him with another man.

She described her abusive relationship with her former partner as “fucking disgusting”, saying: “I’ve been in a relationship for nine years.

He’s a whore and a cuckold.

I’ve never had an opportunity to learn anything.

I’m a complete psychopath.

I’m not a rapist, I’m not an abuser, I don’t even remember what happened.

He has no recollection of anything.”

However, the 26-year-old actress has now come out with a statement, calling her “one of the most despicable characters on TV” and claiming she has been diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder.

Moore was in a romantic relationship with Chapman for a period of time, according to her statement, and claimed that Chapman abused her when she was young.

“He would do anything for me, and that includes abusing me,” Moore said.

“I’m so grateful that I’m alive and I’m still around.

I can’t say enough about how much I love my husband.

I love him and he’s a fucking wonderful person.”

Moore is also under fire after admitting she has bipolar disorder and has not been in therapy.

She said she suffers from “depression”, and has been prescribed antidepressants.

Moore added: “But I’ve been on all of them.

I just took them out for myself. I don

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