September 29, 2021

Here’s what a Christian might be like if they knew that he’s a bad Christian.

(iStock)”I’m not a perfect person.

I’m not perfect, but I am a good person,” said Christian quotes creator ChristianLeef.

The idea behind Christian quotes is to share the best of human beings.

“A lot of times, people don’t realize that there are a lot of bad Christians out there, especially when they are in the midst of their own personal struggle.

You don’t want to be like them,” he said.”

You’re not a bad person if you’re a Christian.

If you’re an atheist, you’re not.

You’re just a different person,” he added.”

People who have gone through the Bible, like I have, are able to say, ‘Well, I’m a Christian, but my family is Christian.’

But for a lot more people, they can’t.

They’re just as bad as I am.”

He also believes that the biggest difference between a Christian and an atheist is not what they believe, but how they live their faith.

“A lot times, you can’t see the light of the truth.

It’s not the same for everybody.

Some people can see the truth, and some people can’t,” he explained.”

There are people who can’t, and they’re very, very different from everybody else,” Leef added.

“I just want to see how you see the world and how you live your life, and how good your Christian is.”

ChristianLeef is not alone in his faith-based criticism of theistic religions.

The Pew Research Center reported that in the US, nearly one-third of the population identifies as Christian and nearly two-thirds identifies as atheist.

“For the average American, Christianity is their only belief system,” said Leef.

“It’s the only faith they’ve been taught.”

But a Christian quotes author believes that these statistics can be misleading.

“If you’re looking for a religion to identify with, there are certainly plenty of religions,” he told Mashable.

“What makes Christianity different is that it has a deep relationship with the truth of the Bible and with the history of human life.”

“You have to have a very deep faith in yourself and in the truth,” he continued.

“But at the same time, there’s this whole idea of, ‘Oh, we’re going to be the only people who believe in this.’

They have this incredible amount of integrity.””

When you see these Christians, they’re really happy with themselves.

They have this incredible amount of integrity.”

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