September 26, 2021

christian dolores,a Christian school district in Illinois, recently asked for money to help fund a campaign to stop the “voucher system” and “save children from their own indoctrination.”

In a letter to the Chicago Board of Education, the district said it was considering taking legal action against a group called the Alliance for Children.

The district said that it believes the vouchers “will undermine public schools, increase the costs of education, and put a heavy burden on taxpayers.

We cannot afford to allow these programs to remain open and accessible to these students, or we risk losing this opportunity to provide a quality education for all students in the future.”

The district was among many to join the Common Core State Standards Initiative, an effort to standardize state math and reading tests across the country, which has become the template for the nationwide Common Core, a new set of standards designed to improve academic performance.

The standards have also become the standard for testing for state and local elections, and for the first time, are being used to determine who will be the winners of school funding.

“Our school system is not designed to serve the needs of all students,” the letter reads.

“Our students must be taught the values and skills that will prepare them to succeed in life and in education.

We must make it easier for our students to access a quality educational experience for all.””

We are working to save students from their indoctrination.

We are working with the community to stop this voucher system,” the district continued.

“We are committed to fighting the voucher system and will fight for our children and all students.”

The letter has been signed by more than 80 school districts in Illinois.

This article was originally published by Business Insider and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.

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