November 3, 2021

How to know if you’re a Christian leader.

How to distinguish a Christian from a follower of the Lord.

How you can help your family in the midst of a crisis.

How Jesus would have handled such situations.

And, of course, how to deal with those who would seek to mislead, slander, or otherwise deceive you.

Today, we’re going to learn how to tell if a person is a leader of a christen- ical group, whether they’re a follower, or a follower and a leader.

We’ll look at what the bible says about this topic, and then we’ll look into the issues surrounding the church itself.

So, without further ado, we start today’s show.

1) What is a christening?

This term is used in the bible to refer to the process of a person becoming a Christian.

The Bible uses the term “christening” in many different contexts.

The bible, for example, uses the word “christendom” in the following passages: “Christ was made man in Christ; he came not to be served but to serve.




[t]o him that sent me he sent the Holy Spirit: that he might sanctify me, and to him that loved me he gave the promise: that I should preach good news to the poor and the needy, to the sick and the captive, to every breath that comes from the nostrils, and that he would make my words known among the nations” (Hebrews 13:18-20).

In other words, Jesus was sent to teach the truth.

And what the Bible says about the process is that Christ “came not to teach” or “be preached” to people.

He came to “show good news” to the world, but He didn’t come to preach.

He didn�t tell people how to live their lives.

He just showed them how to do it.

He brought them a truth that they didn�ts yet know.

That�s what Jesus did.

He “cared” for them.

He showed them that He was the way, the truth, and the life.

He did not tell them to follow what He wanted them to do, and He didn��t tell them how, exactly, to do that.

He told them to “seek” the truth through their faith.

That’s how He brought people to the light.

2) Who is a follower?

In a sense, the word follower is used a lot to describe followers of the Savior, but also the person who follows a leader or a religion.

That would include a person who becomes a follower in a sense by following a person.

A follower can be someone who follows an established religious denomination.

A follower of a denomination can be a person with a strong religious belief.

A person who does not believe in God but who follows the leader of that denomination can also be a follower.

3) Who can be considered a follower if he or she does not follow a leader?

If a person doesn�t follow a specific religion or a leader, then the person can be said to be a “non-believer.”

A non-believers beliefs are not necessarily a rejection of the religion or the leaders, but are just one type of beliefs.

Non-belief can be, and often is, an accepted way to live life.

And non-compliance with a religion, however strong, can lead to punishment.

Nonbelievers are often called “apostates.”

4) What does a follower have to do to be considered as a follower or as a non- follower?

A follower is one who follows another person. It doesn�ts necessarily have to be that way.

It can be just that way for one person or for all the people who follow the same leader.

For example, a person could be a member of a Christian denomination, and yet not follow any leader.

A member of the Lutheran Church could be an atheist.

Or, a follower could be someone whose beliefs differ from the leader�s beliefs.

There are many reasons why a person may follow another person, but they could also be different from what the leader wants for his or her followers.

A leader who doesn�teaches good news could also want to instill that message in his or hers followers.

The leader could also choose to encourage people to be open to learning about God.

A Christian who doesn’t believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit could also have a different belief.

For those who follow one or more religions, this can also mean that the leader or group of leaders doesn�s religion is different from that of others.

If a leader wants to spread his or herself as being more spiritual than others, then a follower may be an apostate.

A nonbeliever can be called a “polytheist.”

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