October 19, 2021

What are fake news articles?

What are they and why do we care?

Here are some common examples of fake news, from the likes of the BBC and BBC India to news websites like Buzzfeed and The Guardian.


The BBC has a fake news article about India’s demonetisation story The BBC India has a false article about demonetization.

According to a BBC spokesperson, the article was originally published on 8 August and “is being corrected”.

The BBC later updated its story with the following statement: “The article has been corrected.

The article is being updated.”

The BBCIndia also said it has removed the article.

A spokesperson for the BBC said: “Our news and current affairs team has been working to ensure that the article does not appear on our website.

We will continue to investigate this matter further.”


The UK’s Daily Mail is a fake article The Daily Mail has a story about an alleged rise in the number of children in the UK who are being sexually abused.

According a spokesperson for Daily Mail, the story was originally posted on 7 August and was “published on 8th August”.

A spokesperson from the Mail said: ‘We have removed the story and the original article will be taken down as soon as we can.’

The Daily Telegraph, which published the article, did not respond to an email from Quartz requesting comment.


The Independent has a misleading headline about a US president’s plans to make the US ‘open’ to refugees and migrants The Independent article has an article titled “President Donald Trump has a plan to open the United States to refugees, migrants and visitors from around the world”.

The article says: “A new plan is emerging that will open America up to migrants from the Middle East, Africa and other regions of the world who are not allowed to be here by their own governments.” “

He will also open up the United State to immigrants and refugees who are eligible to do so.”

The article says: “A new plan is emerging that will open America up to migrants from the Middle East, Africa and other regions of the world who are not allowed to be here by their own governments.”


The Washington Post has a fabricated article about the Trump administration’s ban on transgender individuals The Washington Times article has a headline claiming that President Donald Trump is banning transgender individuals from the US military.

According the headline, a Pentagon spokesperson told Quartz that the ban is a “last resort”.

However, the spokesperson said the ban would be implemented if transgender individuals were to pose a threat to military readiness or national security.

“If they are not, we will take them off the military,” the spokesperson wrote in an email to Quartz.

The spokesperson also said the US would continue to work to “ensure the safety and security of transgender individuals in our military.”


The Daily Show has a dishonest article about Trump’s ban The Daily show has a segment titled “Trump Bans Transgender Persons From Military” which claims that the US President has banned transgender individuals for being transgender.

According one of the Daily Show’s writers, who wished to remain anonymous, the segment was posted on Tuesday evening and that it was shared “at least 10 times”.

The writer added that he shared the story with a friend and asked for it to be removed from Facebook, saying the story had been shared “everywhere”.


The Guardian has a bogus article about Chinese officials “using their influence” to force foreign banks to lend to a local company One of the most popular stories on the Guardian website is the story of China’s use of “financial leverage” to pressure foreign banks into lending to a company.

The story says that “China has been using leverage to force international banks to provide financing to a Chinese firm”.

According to the Guardian article, a spokesperson said that the story is “100% untrue”.

The Guardian said it would “continue to investigate the story”.


The Telegraph has a hoax article about a new anti-poverty campaign The Telegraph story claims that a new “anti-pension” campaign will be launched in India and will target “the poor and the working poor”.

According a source familiar with the project, the Telegraph story was posted by a UK reporter who said the campaign would target the “underprivileged”.

The Telegraph article says that the campaign will “aim to highlight the role of poverty in exacerbating the poverty in India”.


The Huffington Post has an online story about “Ponzi schemes” that were started by a group of people The Huffington post has an interview with a group who said they had launched “P.A.S.S.”

Ponzis to try to “defend themselves against fraudsters” and “fight corruption”.

The group claims they were started with the help of “someone from a wealthy family”.

The HuffPost said that its investigation of the P.


S claims “was limited to two incidents where the claims are backed up by evidence”.


The New York Times has a “Fake News” article about Donald Trump

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