July 3, 2021

How to buy a Christian family jewelry collection?

How to find a Christian wedding dress?

How much money can you make selling a Christian art?

This is what happens when you’re in the business of selling jewelry, and we’re here to help you get started. 

If you’re looking to sell jewelry and/or collectibles in New England, you can get started in the New York Metropolitan area.

The area has plenty of stores to choose from and a lot of great locations for the jewelry buyer to visit. 

You can find a selection of Christian jewelry here on Amazon.com as well as Christian clothing and accessories. 

There are a lot more stores and stores to explore on Amazon in New Hampshire and Vermont, but here’s a few we’ve covered in the past: St. John’s Episcopal Church  (near Concord) (2nd Sunday of Advent, 4pm-11pm) B&O Supermarket (near Bristol) CVS (West Broadway) The Old Post Office (East Brunswick) Luxury Jewelry (Bristol) Walmart (Old Post Office) Vintage Jewelry and Antiques (New Bedford) Pumpkin Spice (St. Johnsbury) Barnes & Noble (Central Square) Mall of America (Mall Mall) Toys R Us (Toysville) Hilton (South Street) Charity Jewelry in the Hudson Valley (Woodbridge) Rugby Hall (Northport) And of course, the famous Garden State Mall. 

We have a lot to recommend you if you’re interested in getting started in New Jersey and beyond. 

So if you’d like to learn more about selling jewelry and collecting Christian items, we’ve written a little guide on how to start selling them. Read more about the Christian jewelry business in New Zealand: Judaism Jewelry Shop (Judaic Orthodox Jewish Temple, 1st Tuesday of Advent) Jury Jewelers (Jerusalem Jewish Museum, 10am-4pm)  Judaica Jewelry (Jerusalem) Jewish Arts and Crafts (Tel Aviv) Walt Disney World (Hilton Square)

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