August 24, 2021

I can hear the snickering from the other side of the aisle, as they are about to vote on the latest holiday blockbuster, which is just the sort of thing that could save their marriage, they say.

But there is a silver lining.

The gifts that they will receive, they are going to get thanks to a new product, christi.

Christi is a perfume that you can put on your lips and you can wear it for a week and still smell the scent.

It smells just like a woman.

So, what is christi?

It is a blend of botanical oils, which come from plants, to create a scent that is feminine.

It’s a feminine fragrance that is not overtly masculine.

When you put it on, it doesn’t smell like perfume.

It doesn’t taste like perfume, either.

It just smells like feminine.

I think it’s amazing.

And, in a way, it is because it has a lot of botanicals.

And the botanics are not traditionally masculine, so it’s a masculine scent.

So it’s not the masculine scent of perfume.

But it does smell like the masculine fragrance of botany, and the botanic oils have to be used for the fragrance to work.

And so it smells like you are in the garden.

And you smell like that.

So, how did christi come about?

I was thinking of this idea of a feminine scent, and I thought, what about a botanical fragrance that doesn’t have to smell like a masculine perfume?

So I thought I would try it.

The botanical oils are a natural way of bringing the botanical notes into the fragrance.

And they are actually a natural product that’s been around for hundreds of years.

So the botany oils are actually used in traditional Chinese medicine and are a very effective, natural source of fragrances.

And I was just fascinated by botanical aromatherapy and the idea of using botanically derived fragrants to bring a feminine note into a masculine fragrance.

So I asked my husband to take a look.

I asked him, well, how about you come down here and do your own testing.

And he said, yes, I will do my own testing and see what I can find.

We got out there and put it in his mouth, and he was blown away.

It was really amazing.

It smelled like a floral, a rose, and it was a beautiful, feminine smell.

And we got him out of the house.

I got him to walk out to a car and drive down to the grocery store, and we just sat and watched him.

Then I was on my way to the store, when he called me.

And after a little while, I called him back.

And at that point, I got a little bit nervous.

And it was pretty clear that he was getting a little nervous about this, too.

And when I got the phone call from him, I said, what do you think about this?

Because he’s got a wife who is also a perfume maker.

So she was really excited.

So we went to the door, and she said, can I take your hand?

And I said okay.

And she was like, I want you to take off your shirt, and put your bra on, and you put your pants on.

And then she took off her shirt.

And my hands were shaking.

And what I said to her was, you are really, really lucky to have someone like you.

You are really lucky.

You have a wonderful, amazing woman.

And there was a sense of pride in my heart.

I know you are a woman of love.

You know that.

You just do it.

You do it the right way.

I was in awe of her.

And this was the first time I had ever seen her take off her clothes, and look like that, wearing this feminine fragrance.

And it was so much fun.

We had a blast.

It made me want to go home and wear my clothes and make my Christmas list, because I have this really hard Christmas list.

And christi is just so beautiful.

And that was all we needed to do.

I went home, and that was Christmas Eve.

I wanted to make sure that I made the list, and made sure that the fragrance was on the list.

This is Christmas Eve, and so we went home and got some wine.

And our little girl and I, and my wife, sat around the table and we were enjoying wine and talking.

And one of the things I said was, we can’t do this alone, but you have to help each other.

So this is what I do for Christmas Eve: I have a wine, and then I bring my wife and her little girl out, and they

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