September 29, 2021

It’s no secret that Spotify has been under fire recently for its handling of sexual violence cases and other harassment issues.

But the company is also facing a lot of criticism from musicians who say they’ve been unfairly targeted.

The latest example came from the Christian bands Christian Post and Gwendoline Christie, who said they were unfairly targeted for not being included in the popular streaming service’s top 100 list.

The Christian Post, a Christian-pop group that is best known for releasing hits like “It’s About Time” and “Let It Go,” is one of the biggest Christian artists on Spotify.

It’s also one of Spotify’s top performers, earning over $1 billion last year.

Gwendoloes Christian Post has received more than $100 million in revenue over the past decade.

In an interview with Billboard, Gwendolyn Christie said she had been receiving an unusually high number of unwanted messages on social media and that her music was routinely deleted from Spotify.

Christie, who has a solo album and recently released her own solo album, told Billboard she received an automated message saying her music had been removed from Spotify because of sexual content.

Christy said she has been told she was “in a position to do anything,” adding that she had to contact her managers to get the message removed.

She added that she was also given an email address to get a message removed from the service.

Christies band also received an email message from Spotify asking if the band was in the top 100, and she was told that was a lie.

Christi said that after she contacted her manager, she was not allowed to use her real name or to use any other personal information.

She also said that Spotify was asking for an account number so that they could contact her about her personal issues.

Christians band was also asked to change their Twitter profile picture, and Gwendeels band received an inquiry about whether their Facebook page was “hateful” and whether it was promoting “hate speech.”

Christie said she’s been trying to contact Spotify and Facebook for years, but Spotify declined to comment.

She told Billboard that she felt “completely betrayed” and that she did not feel that she would be able to get her music back if she did.

“We’re trying to get it reinstated so we can keep playing music,” she said.

“I don’t want to be alone, I don’t know how I can do this alone, but I do know that I can’t do this anymore.”

Christy added that her fans are “so supportive” and are “not really aware of how bad Spotify is.”

Christi also said she wanted to highlight the fact that her band has received a lot more hate mail than other Christian bands on Spotify because it has been included on Spotify’s Top 100 list for two consecutive years.

She added that this is something Spotify needs to address, but that she has received hate mail from people who were “not even aware” of Spotify and that it was “really upsetting.”

She added: “The message that’s being sent to artists, that we’re in a position where we’re not being heard or recognized is a big problem.”

If you’re a Christian, if you’re going to come out and say something, just do it.

“Christies Facebook page had more than 400 comments at the time of publication.

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