September 10, 2021


(AP) Donald Trump is in a bit of a pickle, but the Republican nominee for president has a plan to make things worse.

In a speech to supporters in suburban Philadelphia, Trump said his Democratic opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, will be “totally, totally scared” of him, but that he would win because he would be “stronger than she is.”

The former first lady is a Democrat who, after spending nearly 20 years in the Senate, was a leading advocate of the Iraq War and a vocal critic of the George W. Bush administration.

She is now facing Trump, who is trying to court voters who voted for him in 2016.

Trump is trying out a new strategy, saying he is a tough negotiator who will not allow himself to be bullied and will not be intimidated by a political opponent who is “truly, truly scary.”

He said he will not let Clinton try to “take our country back.”

Trump, who has a big lead over Clinton in Pennsylvania, has been pushing his message of “economic nationalism” that has been critical of trade agreements and immigration.

Clinton is trying in a speech Wednesday to show that she is not just a Clinton who wants to protect the middle class, but a candidate who wants America to prosper.

The Republican nominee has been hitting Clinton hard for a number of reasons, including her vote for the Iraq war, her support for the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, her role in the Iran deal and her role as secretary of state under President George W.- Bush.

The former president’s campaign is accusing Trump of making his case with false statements and attacks on her character.

The Trump campaign has said it plans to launch a new television ad in the coming days, and it has posted several clips of Trump talking about Clinton.

Trump also said he would “take back” the country and get his people back.

He said the election is not about who is the most qualified person to be president, but who is prepared to take on the big banks, Wall Street and Hollywood.

“It’s not about what’s on the screen or what’s in the air,” Trump said.

“It’s about who’s prepared to be the commander-in-chief, who’s the leader, who knows how to get the job done.”

He added that his campaign is preparing to launch another television ad, this time about Clinton’s time as a senator.

Clinton, meanwhile, has spent much of the campaign hammering Trump for his past positions on abortion and other issues.

She has used Trump’s statements and past statements to attack his fitness for office and his temperament, and she has accused him of being dishonest and untrustworthy.

She said the Republican presidential nominee would have to make his position on abortion known to voters.

“I don’t think that Donald Trump has ever said anything he couldn’t have said if he wanted to be President of the United States,” Clinton said.

Trump, for his part, is pushing back against criticism of his temperament.

“The only thing that scares me more than being president is being president,” he said.

He continued, “There are no rules.

There are no regulations.

And you are not subject to them.””

I have no patience for the people who say, ‘You’re too weak to be commander in chief,’ because I think we have a president who is very strong.

I think Donald Trump knows how strong he is.”

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