July 25, 2021

By Joanna ChristieThe sexual abuse scandal surrounding former Playboy Playmate Joanna Christie has led to many questioning her sexuality and her motives. 

It is a topic that has come up time and time again during her life, as she has battled with multiple sexual abuse allegations.

She has denied the allegations and claimed the accusations were motivated by her age. 

However, the New York Times has reported that one of the women in the allegations made it into her personal diary, which she kept for years. 

While Christie was the first woman in Playboy history to win the “Bikini Bitch of the Year” award in 2007, she has been the subject of numerous accusations of sexual misconduct and even domestic abuse.

The latest revelations have prompted her to weigh in on the sexual misconduct scandal.

In a statement to the media, Christie said she has no plans to resign.

“The fact that I am still the hottest young women in Hollywood is an accolade to my body and mind.

I’ve been fighting for so long, and the abuse has never stopped.

I have never been a victim.

The media will always paint me in a bad light,” she said.”

As a person, I know the press will always be hard on me for this, but if I can help make the world a better place, so be it.

I will continue to stand up for myself and for the women I love.”

Christie added: “I have always been a loving person and I always have been.

I am no longer interested in being a victim, but a survivor.

I hope my story can make the issue more visible and bring attention to the real issues that affect women in our society.”

She continued: “For women to have their bodies violated and abused is a horrible thing, and I want people to know it doesn’t have to happen to them.”

She is also working on an autobiography that will chronicle her life and the years of abuse she has endured.

In June, she will release her first book, My Own Story.

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