June 20, 2021

New York, NY — June 6, 2018— Freedom Christian school students have had to contend with a lot of hard truths this year.

One of them is that the United States was founded in a place called “America,” but it was founded on slave labor.

That is, slavery.

It is, at least in part, what has kept the nation divided.

The second is that it was the first nation to use the term “slave” to describe those people who were held captive and worked for wages and not to refer to those who were freed.

The third is that slavery is alive and well, and there is no way around it.

For decades, the school has been a place of contention for students, teachers and parents, and they have been trying to figure out why.

They have learned, of course, that the story of how our country was founded is the story that has been told countless times.

A slave owner, George Washington, founded the country on his own.

Washington, a slaveholder, created the country in 1776 and was executed in 1821 for treason.

In the same year that Washington died, he also died the year before, in 1815, the year of his death.

By 1820, there were over 700 slaves in the United Kingdom.

There were 1.2 million enslaved people in the U.S. in 1860.

We are told that Washington’s life was one of struggle, but his legacy has been to open up the minds of many Americans to the idea that we can all have a future.

I am sure that some of you reading this article have experienced the fear and dread of slavery firsthand.

Many of you, and I know this because I’ve had to live with it, have been forced to choose between the future of your children and the safety of your family.

You’ve been told, in many different ways, that you should not trust your own children.

And yet, you’ve trusted your children to trust you, too.

When I was in school, my mom used to tell me that I was doing what was right.

She told me that when we were children, we were taught by our parents to do what was good for them, but that we would never become anything that was better than ourselves.

Today, when I talk to students about slavery, they are being told that they are doing what is right.

That they are going to get their fair share.

This is not the America they grew up in.

Freedom Christian School is one of those schools that is a part of a larger, multi-million dollar chain of schools, each of which has its own story.

My mother told me one of the things that kept us all together was the fact that we all went to Freedom Christian.

I remember sitting in the school auditorium, listening to students talk about their lives, and seeing that they were all struggling and they were being judged and punished.

And it was a struggle for me.

How many of you remember being told, at a young age, that being black or being gay or being poor was something that needed to be overcome?

That your family, your home, your friends, your teachers, your God were all equal and that you were going to be okay?

The school that my mother was talking about, Freedom Christian, is one that has faced that challenge and is doing what it can to help its students understand what it means to be human and to be proud of who we are.

Some of you have never seen the images of black people that we see in our movies, books, and TV shows.

And yet, many of us in our school and in the broader community have seen images of our ancestors, of our grandparents, of some of our fathers and of our mothers.

It is a reminder that we have been told to believe that we are all the same, that we deserve to be treated the same.

Our nation is full of people of color, but they are not the only ones of color.

African-Americans are disproportionately represented in the prison population, but we are also overrepresented in prison.

America has an estimated 10,000 people incarcerated in the state of Georgia.

The prison population in Georgia is approximately equal to the population of Baltimore, the state capital.

The incarceration rate among African-Americans is nearly 50% higher than among white Americans.

These statistics don’t reflect the true number of African-American men and women in the system.

They do, however, reflect the fact, as we have seen, that African- Americans have been disproportionately arrested, incarcerated and released into the criminal justice system for far too long.

What does that mean?

In our prisons, we hold people who are more than likely the

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