September 7, 2021

Christian Slater’s new solo album, Young’s New Song, is set to be released on November 21.

Ahead of the album’s release, the British producer spoke to Business Insider about how the song was born.

“When I wrote Young’s Song, I didn’t even know how to spell ‘slime’,” Slater explained.

“I’m not an idiot.

I was in a songwriting session and the producer said, ‘Do you think you can make this song with this word?

If you’re going to do this, it needs to be an actual rhyme or something.'”

When asked if he was inspired by other British bands like Young Thug, he said, “I think the main inspiration is Young Thugs, Young Slayers, the group from the UK.

Young Thuggs, Young Thukes is the British band, and they’re known for their music and their music videos.

They’re not known for writing original songs, but I think I can write something that’s like that.”

He added, “The whole idea was to do something that sounded like YoungThugs, but with an American-sounding voice, which I think is what Young Thuggets is.”

After hearing the track, Slater is certain it was “totally original,” and that it’s “a good example of how you can do things with your music that have not been done before.”

It’s an interesting choice of words to use, as Young Thunks is famous for being known for having “bad” lyrics.

So how did Slater’s creative process work?

Slater says, “It was an easy thing to do, because I had a good flow and a good sound.

I used a very simple synth and I just wrote in the simplest words that were very basic.

So it was easy to create something that was like the kind of thing that Young Thymes does.

It’s a song that’s very simple, but it’s also very beautiful.

I wanted it to be a song for a very specific time period.

When I wrote it, I was thinking about how it might be used in the future.

If I were to do a Young Thumbs album, it would have to be for this specific time.

The song is about one man, one man alone, in this very remote part of the world.”

Slater went on to explain that he wanted the song to be the focus of the entire album, and that the song is also “a song for people who want to be alone in the woods.”

“I wrote it so it would be like a song, but you wouldn’t hear it.

I think that’s what makes it a song.

It sounds like a very good song, and then when you listen to it, it’s very nice.

And that’s the kind that YoungThumps is all about, because they are not like other people who come out and sing.

It makes them feel good and it makes them really feel alive and alive.

So when you hear the song, you’re hearing it for the first time.

It really is a song about one individual and one man.

And if I can be one of them, then I want to become one of the ones who will be there to sing the song.”

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