July 13, 2021

This video by the Canadian-born Christian artist Christian Olsen, entitled Christian Music Video About Christ’s Love of the World (with A nod to The Hobbit), has been trending on social media for the past couple of weeks.

In it, Olsen plays a piano, a violin and a guitar as he performs the theme song from The Hobbit, with a hint of the title song to the movie in the background.

“There is a lot of talk about religion in the world and a lot is happening on it,” Olsen told the Irish Independent.

“I think it’s important to try to understand what that means to people.

The song ‘Christian Love of The World’ is about the idea of the love that God gives to all people.”

Olsen’s music video has already been watched more than 12 million times on YouTube.

Olsen is also the director of Christian Music Videos for the Gospel.

“People have been looking for a Christian music piece for a while and it’s just a great opportunity to do something that I feel is really relevant,” he said.

“When you start a Christian film, it’s not just about a film about religion.

The film was shot in March in Toronto, and Olsen hopes it will be released in the UK and US later this year. “

It’s really about the love of Jesus and how it affects our lives and how that changes everything.”

The film was shot in March in Toronto, and Olsen hopes it will be released in the UK and US later this year.

Olson has said he would love to use the music in his films, but said it is more about the message of the film and how he felt about it than the music.

“The message is that I think it is the most important thing to be about and that’s how I feel about the music,” he told the Independent.

“It’s very uplifting music and I really wanted to make a Christian video about that.”

Olson said he has received support from fellow artists and people in the music industry, and said he is confident that his music video will resonate with people.

“Christian music videos are so common these days, and it just makes me so happy that I’m getting so much support for it,” he explained.

“In fact, my music video in particular has gone on to be on Netflix, Spotify and other places where I’ve got the biggest following, and they love it.”

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